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Hi guys! I decided to write in english some of my travelling posts now, since the topics might interest some others than Finns too. So here are a few pictures from the Riccione beach number 60. Yes, the beach is so long (approximately 30km) so that they have divided it in over 100 different parts. Every part is owned by a different entrepreneur and has it's own sunbathing chairs and changing rooms. The beach is made so overly tourist, that it makes it actually cool. I have never seen anything like this beach. All the different areas of the beach had different changing rooms, some are like the ones I took these pictures in front of, some are blue and white, some has flowers and so on.

We took our sunbathing chairs at beach number 60 which had also it's OWN SWIMMINGPOOL AT the beach! Next to these changing rooms there was a decent size swimming pool which was separated with a fence so that only paying customers could use it. It was very nice and the water was not too cold. BUT I suggest using the pool area in the morning since it will be crowded with kids after 3 pm. The beach has also showers and clean toilets. This specific beach did not have it's own restaurant, but many beaches had nice bars and cafeterias were you could buy some piadinas or other lighter foods. To rent two sun bathing chairs and get the access to the pool, made in total 33e. I would say that it is pretty expensive, but is worth paying if you want to try spending one or two days comfortably at the beach. There are other areas too at the beach were you can lay on your own towels and they are free.

If you want to see more I will post youtube videos from here, but they are spoken in finnish.

x linda ekroth x


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