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I want to share my life in the most beautiful way possible through pictures and videos!

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I have been working as a full-time influencer for about 2 years. I work as an entrepreneur through my own company, and provide social media advertising on all my channels.  My youtube channel is also in one of the biggest networks in Finland called A-lehdet. I am still allowed to make collaborations with my own clients, as long as the company is not a competing pr-agency, network etc.


''I would say that the one thing that makes my YOUTUBE channel stand out from, especially other Finnish channels, is the cinematic style I create'' 

My social media channels are fashion and travel based. On my blog and instagram I share beautiful outfit and travel pictures. I also add beauty, interior, food or health related stuff from time to time. My Youtube is like my diary. I share very openly my life with it's up and downs. I talk about difficult topics and show who the Linda really is behind all the beautiful pictures. BUT my youtube channel is also the place where I express myself visually in video format. I started youtube because I have always enjoyed making films.


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Followers: ~19 000

Likes per post: ~4000

Reach per post: ~30 000

Account reach per week: ~600k

IG story views: ~12 000

Gender: female 86% men 14%

Age: 18-24= 49% // 13-17 20% // 25-34 18%

Countries: 1. Finland 2. Sweden 3. Norway

Cities: 1.Helsinki 2. Turku 3. Tampere

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